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September 2017

Presidentís Message

Hi Jersey Late Great Member,

The unofficial end of summer is almost here with the Labor Day Weekend fast approaching. On behalf of the board members and myself I would like to wish you and your family a great, enjoyable, and most importantly, a safe holiday weekend.

There are shows and cruises all weekend throughout New Jersey and surrounding states so get that Chevy out and enjoy. Here is information on two big shows you might want to attend. The Lead East 2017 show php held in Parsippany while the Dead Manís Curve show is held in Mahwah. Both are great shows for the entire family. You can also find other shows and cruises on the following website: html September also brings us back to our scheduled meetings for the balance of 2017. On Sunday September 10th we will have a meeting at the Bordentown Community Center. The meeting will be followed by a presentation by an oil company rep explaining everything you ever wanted to know about oils and their ratings. Weíll have pizza and subs for all to enjoy. At the October 8th meeting our very own Joe DeNoia will be doing a workshop on brakes that will cover all types of brakes and their operation and maintenance. Once again pizza and subs will be served. Let Mike or me know if you have an idea for a workshop or would like conduct one. Do you have an idea for a good remote meeting place? This year we went to Eastwood in Pottstown for a workshop and in the past we went to a diner. So come up with suggestions for a workshop or a remote place to have one of our meetings.

The Woodward Dream Cruise was August 17th -19th in Detroit & Pontiac Michigan. The estimates are that there was over 40,000 cars and over 1.4 million people in attendance. In the middle of it all was our own Tom Merring (with Flatty) Jim K (with the Healy Monster), Lars (with cigars), Jim Brussel (with a Cold One) and Scott Haring (with his 64 SS Impala). Iím sure Tom will tell us all about the event. Put this one on your bucket list as it is one you must attend at least once in your lifetime.

Elaine and Mike Berry attended the National Impala convention in Spearfish, SD in July. Mike has put together a collection of photos that he will be sharing with us. Although the 2017 NIA convention just ended, itís not too early to start thinking about attending the 2018 convention which will be in Dayton, OH - only 574 miles from Hightstown. Iím sure that many of us will plan on driving out to it. More details to follow.

Please make plans to attend the September 10th club meeting as we need your attendance and participation!

Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend


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