Frank Visco

September 2016

President’s Message

Here we are with July and August behind us. I hope you had an enjoyable and safe Labor Day weekend. Our club meetings will resume on September 11th.

For those who attended the banquet, you will surely remember Dawn and John’s memorable roast of club members. John presented me with a club (baseball bat) and a board as I am never sure if we have club meetings or board meetings. Now I have a vehicle to call the meetings to order with instead of using the gavel.

Recently, I was reading the spring 2014 NIA News magazine and came across an article that Verne wrote dealing with NIA chapter meetings and keeping order. As you know, Verne was the founder of Jersey Late Greats. He indicated that the gavel was the key. When I bring the September meeting to order, it will be a great honor to use the gavel and block provided each of our Presidents for the last 27 years as these were made by Verne’s father. Thank you Verne for passing the gavel and block along to the club.

We’ve tried to set-up a special tech session or field visit for September but with vacations, it was difficult to do so. In an exchange of emails, Verne made the excellent suggestion that we have a “White Elephant Auction” for September’s meeting. This is where members bring unwanted items and put them up for auction, with the proceeds going to the club. Bargains Galore! Start digging through the piles of parts and bring them to the meeting.

Although Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, there are still many weeks to use our cars to visit cruises and shows. The website lists all of the cruises and shows in New Jersey and surrounding area. If you haven’t looked at the site, please do so as it is a wealth of information.

I encourage you to come to our 9-11-16 meeting and bring a friend as we need new members. Also, we still need ideas for tech sessions and field trips for October – December meetings.

Enjoy the ride – Actually, enjoy the ride in
your Chevrolet! See you at the club meeting.



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