September 2014

President’s Message

A BIG HELLO to all Chevy cruisers. Well here it is September and I am still in summertime mode, how about you? The weather is rapidly changing to fall. There are still plenty of Car Shows and Car Cruisers around well into October. Of course here in northwest New Jersey/Pa we have the last one in Riegelsville called “Fall Roll Out “the 1st weekend in November. Therefore we are still on the move providing the weather is in accordance. I just pray we do not have a winter like 2013/2014.

To reiterate our wonderful cruise to Don Hahn’s Memorabilia Museum on August 3, 2014, it was wonderful. Thank you Tom Merring for planning this event. And of course a great Big Thank You to Don and his family for accepting us into his abode. All of us who participated enjoyed the museum tour and all the history that was very personal to Don. We hope to see Don and his family in the future at a club meeting or 2 or 3 or more. As President I made Don Hahn an honorary member of our Jersey Late Greats for one year. A very pleasurable time was had by all. Of course our September 14, 2014 meeting is coming up quickly. I may not be in attendance of our first meeting after the summer, so I would appreciate some feedback on some ideas for next year’s calendar.

NO 1 - We could do a Junk Yard run to Engle’s in Wapwallopen, Pa. I know that the club has already been there a couple of years ago- but he is still in business.

NO 2 - Maybe a cruise to Warren County for a tour of the Morris Canal. There are several sites to visit within Warren County. NO 3 - We spoke about “History of Diners” in New Jersey as a presentation at one of our meetings. This could be in April 2015 at the “Jersey Diner” again.

NO 4 - A possible Road trip of Covered Bridges within New Jersey and Pa. This could be a one day or 2 day event.

No 5 - Back on the list a “Drive-In Movie Cruise.

Just some food for thought. I would appreciate any and all input, please send to my e-mail CITYMOUSE21@VERIZON.NET Reminder our next monthly meeting is September 14, 2014, 5pm at the Bordentown community center.
Before closing the 50’s Party Car show “LEAD EAST” will be Aug 28,29,30,31 2014 at the Hilton Hotel in Parsippany New Jersey. Maybe I will see you there on Saturday or Sunday.

Keep those Great Chevy’s moving!!!!! Bye for now.


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