Frank Visco

October 2017

President’s Message

Hi Jersey Late Great Members,

Labor Day is in the past, the leaves are falling, and the pumpkins are ready for picking, so it must be time for the Jersey Late Greats “Fall Foliage Run”. We have received a positive response from the membership, so the run will be held on Saturday October 14th starting at 10:00. The starting point is Tom Merring’s house at 11 Pacesetter Drive, Hampton, NJ 08827. Tom has mapped out a run that will start with a cruise on Route 46 in scenic Warren County, then cross into Pennsylvania heading north, and then crossing back into New Jersey and heading south. There will be plenty of opportunity to stop along the way do some shopping and even stop for lunch. This should be a great day for all attending. Although September 30th was the last day to RSVP you can still join the fun. To register you can call Tom at (908) 612- 9342. Enjoy the Ride with Tom and other club members.

At the September 10th club meeting, Larry Giancola, the local Amsoil representative, presented a seminar on “Everything You Wanted To Know and Should Know About Oil”. With some great charts and graphs, Larry went through the old ratings and what they meant. Then he went into all the new ratings and specifications in detail. You can no longer just go in and pick up any oil, as many are now vehicle specific. He gave out an article that appeared in a recent issue of National Oil and Lube News magazine. Many of the new specifications and terminology were explained in depth. Here’s a link to their website After going to the website, click on articles in the header. Larry left catalogs and information on how we can order directly from the factory, along with a discount code. We will try to get Larry back for another meeting sometime next year.

We had planned for a seminar on brakes at the October 8th meeting, but need to postpone it until early next year as we just couldn’t finalize the logistics by the meeting date.

At the October meeting we will need to start thinking about elections for the 2018 Board of Directors. First off, we need an elections clerk to keep track of nominations and other pertinent election information. Remember this position exempts you from being nominated. Have you ever thought of running for a board position? Here’s your opportunity to help shape the future of the club, so please think about placing your name in for nomination. Thank you. Do you have any ideas for a seminar or a remote facility to hold our club meeting? If so, let Mike Berry or me know. The days are a little cooler but you still have plenty of time to cruise.

Enjoy the Ride!

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