Frank Visco

October 2016

President’s Message

Days are getting cooler and shorter but the cruise show agenda is still very busy.

After the summer recess, we had our first board meeting on September 11th. Thank you to the members that attended. We are continually striving to make the board meetings more interesting. After the formalities we had a slide presentation by Mike Berry on the NIA Annual Convention. Our club had a great showing there. In attendance were John Lucas and family, Maureen & Leigh Humphrey, Janet & Verne Frantz, Elaine & Mike Berry, a gues appearance by Jim Brussels, and of course, me. Maureen’s ’64 Rag Top was judged and received a score of 955 points while John Lucas’ ’58 Impala hardtop received a second place division award. Congratulations to both! The “White Elephant” Sale had some great bargains and raised $29.00 for the club. Please let me or Mike Berry know if you have any ideas for a Tech Session or field visit.

Our Membership contest is still going on. At present Verne and I are tied for each signing up one new member. Winner receives 2 years free dues. That’s $50.00 in your pocket. Nominations for the 2017 Board of Directors will be held at the October and November meetings with an election at the December meeting. The Board positions are President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Sergeant at Arms. We’ve been operating in 2016 without a Secretary. We need to have volunteers for all of the positions. Please think about volunteering as it is your club, so you should help in its future direction. Jersey Late Greats is one of the oldest and largest chapters of the NIA.

At the meeting we discussed plans for Tech Sessions, events, and working with other clubs. We have the following in the planning stages:

Nov.–Dec. – I’ve contacted the Eastwood Company, Pottsville, PA, about attending one of their Saturday morning Tech Sessions. We are waiting for a date.

The What Cha Working On column could use some new articles. It doesn’t need to be a car related subject, but something you think would be of interest to the other members.

As a member, you can have free classified ads run in our newsletter. This is an opportunity to sell off some of those parts that have been lying around for years gathering dust.

Robert Kane, long time member and the clubs current Vice President, has had some medical issues recently. The club sent him a card and a subscription to Collectible Automobile magazine. If you would like to send him a note or card his address is 5 Shore Haven Drive, Hazlet, NJ 07730.

Enjoy the next couple of months cruising and attending shows. Winter is not far off. Please plan on attending one of the next board meetings. We need you and your ideas.

Enjoy The Ride, Frank

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