October 2015

President’s Message

“FALL FOILAGE” is just around the corner, in some places it has already started. It is beautiful time of the year. Take advantage of Crus'in with these wonderful Late Great Chevy’s in the crisp cool weather. Officially this weekend September 19 – 20th is the last weekend of summer. Weather wise we have been pretty lucky, still warm enough to keep your classic roll ‘in along. Ride while you can as Old Man Winter is surely on his way that you can count on.

Speaking of fall once again the “FALL FLING FESTIVAL” at Burlington County Fairgrounds RT 206 and Jasksonville- Jobstown Road, Springfield N.J., will be on October 17, 2015. Includes Armed Forces Freedom Run Car Show, Tractor Pull, and Pumpkin Chunkin. If you have any questions, Jim and Karen Thackeray would be the 2 people who would know about this event. Their phone number: 215-595-8780. I myself did not make it last year, but I am marking my calendar this year and hope to attend.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Burlington Chevrolet Display, that was tentatively scheduled for October 24, 2015, has been cancelled. Our Sargent at Arms, Al Bernotas contacted Burlington Chevrolet people and they have another event going on that day. This would have been our fall display, our calendar did not leave the availability of an alternate date, and therefore there will not be a Fall Display by the Jersey Late Greats. The Spring of 2016 will be the next Burlington Chevrolet Display, watch your newsletter in January or February of 2016 for the date and information. Thank you Al for finalizing this for the club.

As I have mentioned in the previous newsletter, the August 22, 2015 event at “GEOFF”S SKYVIEW DRIVE-IN” was a great time for all who attended. Please find the photos published within this newsletter, they were not available for the September newsletter. It was a lot of fun. If you missed it and we get invited back,I would highly recommend being part of this event.

October 11, 2015 is our next regular monthly meeting with our 1st round of nominations for club officers for the 2016 year. This is an important time to nominate the person or persons to run your club. I would like to thank Mike Berry who has volunteered to be the chair person for nominations and election of officers. We need your participation as members, so please try to make it to the meeting. Plus we will be discussing club events for 2016 and would love to hear from all of you as to your thoughts and ideas for the 2016 calendar. Remember this is YOUR club. Speaking of the calendar, we had to cancel the LIGHTHOUSE TOUR, Sandy Hook, N.J. and the MORRIS CANAL tour in Warren County for 2015. Possibly both will be back for 2016.

Mike Berry stated the “NATIONAL IMPALA ASSN” Convention (NIA) will be July 18- 22, 2016 in Springflied, Il. The hotel is the Crown Plaza, room rates @$119.00 per night plus tax. There are 866 parking spaces on concrete. Some trivia Mike told us that the mileage from Tom Merring’s house (Washington, N.J.) is 880 miles, so there you have it. If you need directions you can always contact Tom Merring. For all other details, please contact Mike Berry. My understanding from our Treasurer, Verne Frantz, is that there are still outstanding dues unpaid to date. Please check in with Verne to make sure your dues are paid up. Thank you. Some updates on a couple members, Verne Frantz, Treasurer is back and attending meetings. He was in the Hospital for a while, we are glad to have him back. Also at our September meeting, Jim Thackeray had to leave in the middle of our meeting, and we did not know what happened. I contacted Jim a couple of days later, he said he went straight to the ER at the closest Hospital, for stomach pains. Glad to hear it was only a virus going around. He is doing fine after a few tests and some R&R. We are all pleased to know nothing too serious.


Be well, & Be Safe, see you at the Oct 11,
club meeting at the Bordentown
Community Center, meeting starts at 5pm


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