October 2013

Presidentís Message

How about this Chilly weather? Itís telling us all that the Cruising season will soon be over. However, thereís still time to get out in your Chevy and enjoy the Fall Foliage! As a matter of Fact, the Denneryís have organized a Club Pumpkin run scheduled for October 19th; make you plans now to join in on the fun. I want to personally thank them both for setting this up; I know the membership really appreciates it too. There will be details listed for this in this monthís newsletter.

Now for some club business updates: Leigh Humphreys and John Lucas have been working on configuring an online Want Ad service for us on the JLG website. It has been tested by Mr. Lucas and it was discussed at last meeting some of the best ways to manage it. I want to thank them both for their work on this, attempting to streamline club operations. Lee will be providing updates at the next business meeting.
Our new Club Flyers will soon be printed. We will distribute them to the membership so they may in-turn take them to car events and place them on prospective new members vehicles. Additionally, we will be delivering some of these to be offered out at the NJ Auto Museum in Point Pleasant, NJ. New members help perpetuate the club and offer us an increased opportunity to socialize and see new vehicles.

Please take note; our next regular meeting at the Center will be on October 13.We will be selecting an Election Chairman for the first round of Board Members nominations. These Board Members are the ones who guide your club, so give it some serious thought regarding your nominations.

It has been my privilege to serve as your President for the past three years. We have seen some great events in the club; hosting a National Convention that received high accolades, donating funds to both the Sandy Relief Fund and the NJ Auto Museum, joint club cruises with the Corvair Club, vehicle displays at the Burlington Chevy Dealer, outstanding Club Banquets and Picnics, and the list goes on. Most of these events were a result of planning by your Board in conjunction with membership input and support. It has been my pleasure to work with these fine folks during my tenure, I couldnít have asked for better support. I have given it a lot of consideration, and have decided not to accept nominations for another term. Itís time for some new ideas to inspire the club, and keeping with this, a new president. So consider carefully at nomination time.

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