November 2015

President’s Message

Autumn has come and the beautiful scenic countryside is almost ended. With the ending of Fall comes Halloween Ghosts and Goblins. Hope you all stayed safe but enjoyed the spooky events. The Fall Foliage has been spectacular here in Warren County. This last week the colors were so vivid, just gorgeous, It was a good time to take one last ride in our classic Chevys before storing them away for the winter months ahead. Actually the weather in October has been pretty nice. Not much rain with temperatures staying around 60+/-. I hope you all took advantage of this wonderful time of the year, because we all know who is just around the corner. “WINTER” “COLD” “SNOW”.UGH!!!

Our October 11, 2015 meeting had the first round of nominations for club officers going into 2016 year. Therefore November 8, 2015 meeting will be the second round. Everyone needs to come out and support their club, hope to see you all in November.
December13, 2015 is our Holiday covered dish Meeting and the election of officers. This is a perfect ending to the year, we all get together to enjoy, food, friends and Holiday Cheer after the election.

One of the last CAR SHOWS for the year is in Riegelsville, Pa on the first Sunday in November. This year would be November 1, 2015. Web site

Please refer to your Club Calendar in this newsletter for the 2016 meeting dates. Always check your monthly newsletter for any changes of these dates during the 2016 year. The Club Liability Insurance has been secured with Hagerty Insurance for the year staring October 11, 2015 to October 11, 2016.

Last but not least, a reminder for the 36th Annual National Impala Association Convention being held July 18 to 22, 2016 in Springfield IL. Mike Berry stated the hotel is the Crown Plaza, room rates @$119.00 per night plus tax. Looking ahead NIA convention for 2017 will be back in Spearfish, SD. Contact Mike Berry with questions and see information within this newsletter.


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