November 2014

President’s Message


Ghosts and Goblins all
around us so enjoy the spooky activities in your
neighborhood, but stay safe.

October is almost over and I know we are all looking forward to winter.  Really???  All the crusin’ in our Late Great Chevy’s is over till next year.  I always think of our classic cars as going underground.  Then in Spring they all come above ground.  Did you ever wonder where all the garages, barns etc. are that store these wonderful cars, they seem to just disappear.  Just make sure they are in a very safe dry place for the winter month’s storage.

At our October meeting we discussed a few club activities for the 2015 calendar.  I hope to see you all at our November 9, 2014 meeting to further discuss the 2015 calendar.  Please try to attend this meeting to give us your ideas and interests for the new year.  Your club needs your participation.   Speaking of participation at the October meeting we had our first round of nominations for officer’s.   It’s important that you attend the November meeting for the last round of nominations before voting in December.

Keep in mind those who are nominated to hold an official position on the board lead your club in the 2015 year.  Nominations are open for: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sargent at arms.  

By the time you receive this newsletter the club will have had the second Bordentown Chevrolet Display scheduled for October 25, 2014 from 11 am to 2 pm.  This display helps the club financially so if you miss this one, there will be 2 more in 2015.  Thank you to all who participated.

Our club Holiday event is the December Covered Dish Meeting.  The date is December 14, 2014.  I will be discussing that date at our November meeting.  I myself may not be in able to attend the Meeting on that date.  My thoughts are to maybe move the December Holiday meeting to December 28, after the busy Christmas Holiday. Every weekend always seems so busy and hectic in December before Christmas.  I will keep everyone abreast of the outcome by e-mail via John Lucas.

Some events that are planned for our 2015 calendar so far are:

Lighthouse Tour/Lincoln Highway Cruise
Morris Canal Cruise Warren County
Junk Yard Run - March 2015
History of Diners Presentation - April 2015
Drive-in Movie Cruise
NIA Convention - July 2015
Club Picnic - May 2015
Club Banquet - February 2015

All dates are subject to change, except the NIA Convention, watch your newsletter or preferably come to our monthly meetings. The 2015 meeting schedule will be posted in the January 2015 newsletter.

The Wheel and Cap Guide is still a work in process. Any information you have please pass on to Verne Frantz, our Treasurer.

Last but not least a reminder if you like to drive to Pennsylvania, the last Car Show called “Fall Roll Out” is November 2 in Riegelsville along RT 611. You must get there early and I mean early. The earlier the better to make sure you get in. Web site :

Bye for now –Stay Warm=Stay Healthily


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