November 2013

Presidentís Message

Happy Halloween! Hope you all are ready for this festive cooler and colorful season. Once again, I need to commend some of members for an outstanding event. The Dennerys set up a Fall Pumpkin Run at a very nice farm-Duffieldís located in Sewell, NJ. Club members were invited to meet up at the Dennery Ranch, where we were greeted with an early morning warm up at a cozy fire pit, hot coffee and doughnuts to spare! What more could you ask for on a chilly autumn morning? Please check ut the pictures from this event elsewhere in this monthís newsletter edition.

During Octoberís meeting we discussed many Club items, but two in particular: nominations for the Board in 2014 and the draft calendar of club events for the first half of 2014. Please see the nomination results in another section of the Newsletter.

We will be completing the draft 2014 calendar At Novemberís meeting, by finishing up with the last 6 months of 2014. Please come to the meeting with your ideas for possible interesting club events for the coming year. Itís Your club, so if there are specific items or events you would like to participate in, please share these with your fellow members at the next meeting.

Novemberís meeting will also feature the last round of Board nominations, so please join us for this important event. Looking forward, Decemberís meetingwill be our annual Club Holiday cover dish event. Please contact Lydia Schmidt (908 689 5674) and let her know what you will be bringing, as she is the event chairperson keeping track of the food. Leigh Humphreys has offered to bring an assortment of door lock knobs for 1961-64 Chevys to the December meeting. So if this is something your seeking come on out! For those of you who like car shows, the last one around the North Jersey area is coming up on November 3rd, which is the Annual Fall Roll Out in Riegelsville, Pa along Rt 611. Check the web for details-itís always a great show but get there early. That about wraps things up for this month-until we meet again- Happy Trails!

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