Frank Visco

May 2017

President’s Message

The weather is finally breaking with warmer days and even less rain. The weekly cruises and car shows have started-up, so get that ride out and enjoy. On Saturday, April 8th, ten of the club members attended a seminar on " Dent, Rust Repair, and Welding”, at Eastwood's Pottstown location. Bob, our instructor, showed us some of the latest techniques available for butt welding and contour sanding. After the seminar we had an opportunity to tour the thousands of square feet of warehouse and shipping space. Of course we all visited the retail shop where some bargains were available. Most of us then headed out to a local diner for a late lunch. We are looking into another seminar, on painting, sometime this fall.

Our next big event will be on Saturday May 6th, our "Annual Picnic". This year we are back in New Jersey at the Mercer County Park. The facilities are excellent with something for everyone. Al will once again be our resident chef, doing the grilling.

Verne is planning a "Go & Whoa “car game that I understand is great fun for all. Come on out and enjoy the day with your other club members.

With the cruise and show schedule ramping up, it's the perfect time to try and recruit new members. We have plenty of the new member brochures available and car window club show cards. They will be available for you to pick up. Last week we sent out an email blast to the New Jersey National Impala Association members that aren't JLG members, inviting them to the picnic and to join JLG. Let me know if you< have any ideas how we might attract new members.

I look forward to seeing you at the picnic. If you can't make it, we have many other events planned for over the summer and for the rest of the year that you can attend.

Enjoy the ride


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