Frank Visco

May 2016

President’s Message

In my April message I ended with “Enjoy the Ride”. This month, I am starting with “It’s that time of the year again and our classic Chevrolet’s are emerging from their hibernation, so get out there and “Enjoy the Ride”. Before you do, make sure that no critters made your car a home for the winter.

On April 9th, the club had its annual banquet. Please read Dawn Denney’s article on it. Hats off to Dawn and John for once again, providing us with a great event. Every year John comes up with some of the best member roasts and activities. This year we even had an indoor snowball fight re-enactment while it was snowing outside. Thanks to Mike Berry for being our resident photographer and Steve for providing some great music and vocals. It was a great time for all that attended. Plan on attending next year! On April 17th, Mike B. arranged a cruise to the Englishtown Swap Meet and Car Show. We had 6 Jersey Late Great Club members and 2 National Impala Association members bring their cars. We set-up tables with literature to let other Chevrolet owners learn about the JLG and the NIA and possibly attract them as new members. Thank you, Mike, for arranging this outing.

On May 15th we have a special visit to Joe DiNoia’s Restoration Garage in Woolwich Township. We will have a quick board/membership meeting followed by a “Tech Session” on “Everything you ever wanted to know about distributors and timing your engine”, presented by Joe and Verne. Sub sandwiches and beverages will be provided by the club. If you would like to bring a salad or dessert, please do. This event should prove to be one of the highlights of this year’s club activities. Please plan on attending as we need you and a friend there to make it a success. On May 21st, Al has once again organized a show at Burlington Chevrolet. Please plan on attending.

Although we don’t have membership meetings in June, July, and August, we can still have club activities. Do you have any idea for an outing? If so, let me or Mike Berry. know so we can explore the feasibility of the outing. It’s not too early to think about September – December “Tech Sessions” and outings. How about a Saturday at Eastwood’s showroom in Pennsylvania? They have “Tech Sessions” and tours on Saturday mornings.

I look forward to seeing you all on May 15th, so please plan on attending this great outing.

Enjoy the Ride!

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