May 2014

Presidentís Message

Belated Happy Easter to everyone. Hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday with family and the traditional Easter egg hunt. It was a beautiful Easter weekend. The flowers were blooming, the birds were chirping and temperatures as high as 80 degrees. Great weekend. Itís time to uncover those Chevys, gas them up and cruise.

The Sunday before Easter, April 13,2014 the club cruised in to the Jersey Diner for our monthly meeting It was another beautiful day for cruising. There was a planned breakfast / lunch meal at 1pm, then a tech session presentation, then our monthly meeting. We had a great turnout of 20 in attendance. It worked out well for all. The Jersey Diner had a nice private room set up for us which was great. I was very sorry I did not arrive early enough to see the tech session presented by Tom Merring. The feedback was everyone enjoyed it and Tom did a wonderful job, as he always does. Thank you Tom. When I finally arrived my clock was still on breakfast even though it was closer to dinner time. However this meeting of breakfast/ lunch worked so well, we should think of doing it again soon. The Jersey Diner was very hospitable to our club. Thank you to all who attended and brought their wonderful Chevys.

Our next big event is our club picnic on May 10, 2014 at the Core Creek Park. This is a new location for our picnic and it really sounds like a really nice park. Bring your bicycles, lots of paths or just take a walk. Please make sure you contact Lew Thackeray @ 215-357-1982 chair person, to let him know what covered dish you are bringing I hope to see everyone at this wonderful picnic.

Try your best to come. The club supplies the hot dogs and hamburgers. Music by Steve Colandra. Fun Time come out and join us. There will be a meeting before the picnic at our pavilion #5. See more information within this newsletter. Reminder this is our last monthly meetinguntil September 2014.

Donít forget May 31, 2014 Saturday Bordertown Chevrolet Dealership Show @ 11 AM till 2PM. Letís have a nice turnout and show off those great Chevyís. Come and enjoy.

June 14, 2014 Drive In Cruise planned in Pa. More information to come in next monthís newsletter.

June 20-22, 2014, Carlisle, PA fairgrounds ďNational Impala AssociationĒ at GM Nationals. Mike berry will have a tent for NIA. Letís do our best to support Mike and the NIA.

Deneryís picnic which was scheduled for July 12, 2014 has sadly been cancelled. Dawn and John Denery have a lot of personal matters to take care of this year that need their undivided attention. Dawn and John, we just want you to know we all understand.

Our summer schedule is June, July and August, no monthly meeting. There will be a newsletter for June, July and August so watch for the news of events for those months in the newsletter.

Thatís all for now folks. See you all at the
May 10 picnic. Bye for now.


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