Frank Visco

March 2016

President’s Message

The days are getting longer and warmer, so Spring can’t be very far away. On weekends, I see more and more classic cars coming out of hibernation. The roar of the loud pipes wakes everyone up. How is your ride coming along?

Although I wasn’t at the February meeting, we had a record 17 attendees. I am sure that Joe Di Noia’s great Tech Session on generators was a drawing factor. With his slide show and props, everyone now has a better understanding of the generator and how it works. A great big “Thank You” to Joe!

A special “Thank You” goes to Tom Merring for recording the minutes of the February meeting. We are still operating without a club secretary. We have two volunteers to do it when they are in attendance, but we need a permanent secretary. Think about volunteering.

A couple of items I would like to address this month:

Club Banquet - Scheduled April 9th at the Ramblewood Country Club – Dawn indicated that she has only received one confirmation RSVP as of last week. She feels that because of the lateness of the event, members are slow in RSVPing. Remember that while the cost is usually $35.00, this year it is only $25.00 as the club is picking up $10.00. Every year the banquet is a great club function. With great food, the Dawn and John awards show, Steve’s music, and great friendships, it makes it a great club event. Please send your RSVPs and check to Dawn as soon as possible.

Membership – The membership drive continues as we need more members. The member that signs up the most new members in 2016 will receive two years free membership. At present, Verne is in the lead. Membership brochures are available at the meetings or we can mail you some. Just let us know. Be sure to put your name on the membership form so you can receive credit for it. Now that the car shows are starting, we will all have an opportunity to recruit new members.

Club Events – A number of venues were addressed at the February meeting:

Englishtown Swap Meet & Auto Show…It’s a go, Sunday, April 17th. The club will meet and attend the show. Details are in this newsletter. Plan on being there.
Spring Carlisle
Eastwood Restoration Parts, They have tech meetings on Saturday.
Joe Di Noia’s shop
Fort Mot
Kerbeck Chevrolet

Monthly Club Meeting At the last two meetings, we had a Tech Session on A/C and generators. Some ideas for future meetings:
? How to time an engine.
? How to adjust valves
? How to tune-up your engine
? How to do body work and paint

We need a Tech Session for the March meeting. Let me know if you would like to conduct one of the above mentioned sessions or do one you have thought of. Right now, being that we do not have a session in place, we are going to have a “What Cha Workin’ On Session”. We will go around the table and all members will have a chance to let us know “What Cha Workin’ On. Please bring pictures.

I look forward to seeing you on March 13th and don’t forget to bring a friend.

Thank you. Frank

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