March 2014

Presidentís Message


Just keep saying Spring is Coming, Spring is Coming, Spring is Coming and donít look outside at all the snow. This winter is really testing everyoneís stress level. Mine is beyond the turning point. Itís amazing just how much we can endure when necessary. Spring is just around the corner, hopefully.

Thank you to all the members that braved a snowy evening and attended our February 8, 2014 meeting. I hope everyone returned home safely. Another snow storm was coming down just as we left the meeting. I found driving home was a little tense after a 2 hour trip on snow covered roads, but arrived safely. By the time you all receive this newsletter the club Banquet will have taken place on Feb 22, 2014. The members who attended this wonderful Banquet all had a Great time. For those who missed it you really missed a fun filled afternoon. Everything was just great, the Ramblewood Country Club is always a very pleasant accommodating facility, the food was very good, the music entertainment by Steve Colandra was superb and the Dennery Awards, as always, were hilarious.

This is all due to the hard work of Dawn and John Dennery. Every year they plan this fabulous event for our club. Its time consuming organizing every detail from first finding a facility then the menu of food, planning the entertainment, working on all the gifts and fun jokes, so we can all have a great big thank you to Dawn & John Dennery. All I can say is I hope you make plans to join us at next yearís Annual Banquet, always held in the month of February.

At the Banquet special awards were given to outstanding members. This yearís recipient of the Member of the Year Award went to Dawn and John Dennery for their overwhelming dedication to our club. A special Presidents Award went to AL Bernotas, from our past president Tom Merring. Alís willingness and reliability to get things done when asked is a valuable asset to our club. Speaking of our past president, Tom Merring received a special Presidential Award for his Presidency the last 3 years. Among Tomís many accomplishments in the past 3 years, was leading us through a national convention. Good Job Tom.!! Well done.

All of the above members are well deserving of each award. I thank you, and all the members thank you for your participation and contribution to the Jersey Late Greats.

Those of you who did not know, I just want to reiterate once more the clubs mourning of the loss of last yearís recipient of the Member of The Year award. Gerri Thackeray passed away on Feb 2, 2014. She will be greatly missed. Our Heartfelt sympathy goes out to her husband Lew and family. Itís a big loss to the Jersey Late Greats. Gerri was an outstanding member. Looking forward to our club picnic, mark your calendar for May 10, 2014. Make it a great club event, come out and join us. If you have never been to our club picnic before, then itís time now. Check the club calendar on page 4 of this newsletter for the entire upcoming club events.

Letís make our March 9, 2014 meeting a good one; come to the meeting, we all would love to see you.

Bye for Now, remember spring is really coming which means more of these Late Great Chevys on the road again, cruising around.

ďStart Your Chevy EnginesĒ

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