March 2013

Presidents Message

Okay, so here we are on the brink of the car cruising season-Will you be ready? It’s time to dust them of and get ‘em ready to run. I’ll be ready for certain-will you? ?

Now down to business with a recap of what’s been going on and reminders for upcoming events. Our recent annual Banquet was a HUGE success; if you weren’t there you missed a great experience. Dawn and John Dennery worked very hard and succeeded in making this a GREAT event. This facility is certainly an excellent venue for our Banquet-the food is delectable, the Staff was very accommodating and the food is excellent. Besides all the hard work Dawn and John put in, there were others from the Club who substantially contributed. Mike Berry covered the event from a photography perspective and provided a most excellent slideshow. Maureen helped Dawn with some table decorations and a slide presentation regarding John Dennery. Steve Calandra provide the musical entertainment, spinning discs and providing live quality singing. Mr. Dennery was up to his best self regarding the Dennery Awards-very entertaining indeed. It was quite a quality event. Verne provided a synopsis of the Club’s 30 year history-which was very intriguing. I am proud to announce our Member of the Year award went to Gerry & Lew Thackeray this year recognizing their efforts and continued support for making our club a success. Overall, it was a Top-shelf event, thanks to all those who contributed to its success and those who were in attendance.

Now moving on to future Club scheduled events. March will feature Automobilia night, including a presentation from the Jersey Care Museum on “Fins of the Fifties”. This will be a meeting you won’t want to miss, so make plans now to be in attendance. April will be our Cruise with our classic cars to Brunch at the Bordentown Denny’s and a subsequent meeting. May’s event will be the picnic at Mercer County park. There is a date change for this due to facility availability so please take note. The new picnic date will be Saturday, May 11, 2013. Clear your calendar now so that you can attend and enjoy the fun with your fellow members! Please contact Gerry Thackeray at your earliest convenience and let her know what cover dish you will be bringing to the picnic. That’s about all for now; hope to see you at the March meeting!

Keep ‘em Rollin’ Tom

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