July / August 2015

President’s Message


Some of us will be out sun bathing and some of us will be cruising for the next couple of months. Must drive those Late Greats Chevy’s while the good weather last. Except for sometimes we have to drive between the rain drops., which really stinks. Hope you are all having summer fun in the sun no matter what you are doing.

Our May 30 club picnic went very well thanks to Karen and Jim Thackeray for chairing this event again, and thanks to Al Bernotas for getting that grill going and tending to the cooking of hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken, supplied by the club. Karen and Jim made sure we had a variety of food to indulge in. No one left this picnic hungry. Our first time at this pavilion within the Core Creek Park. It was really nice very large and had electric which was a big plus. Everyone enjoyed the day, the weather co-operated and lots of food. Our last club meeting for the summer, took place at the picnic. One part of the picnic was an unexpected “Tech” session. Our wonderful D.J. Steve Colandra had a problem with his master cylinder on his Covair Station Wagon . Each one of the members took turns helping him fix it, running for parts and of course their labor. After about 5 hours it was fixed better than when he arrived Steve has a very long trip to go home, we could not have him stranded at Core Creek Park with no way to get home. It was a wonderful effort by all and believe it or not he got home safe.(as far as I know). Steve did say before he left that his brakes were better than on the trip down to the picnic. What a wonderful club everyone pitched in and fixed Steve’s problem. Thank you all and I am sure Steve thanks you a lot. I do not think Steve was ready to camp out at Core Creek Park.

Once more our Burlington Chevrolet Dealership Car Display was held on June 6, 2015 without a weather problem. For those of us who came from the north, there was a little rain on the trip down, then it cleared up. About 12 to 15 cars were on display. Thank you all who attended and thanks to Al Bernotas for scheduling this event each year which benefits our club with a monetary donation from the dealership for our treasury. Plus we all had lunch at the dealership the second benefit.

After the Burlington Display, June 6 myself, Bob, and Wayne drove up to Schnecksville ,Pa to a cruise night that the East Penn Late Greats were having. It started at 6PM. I met Linwood Stoudt who is the editor of their newsletter and a board member. I am sure most of you know him, but it was my first time meeting him. He remembers John Lucas and Verne Frantz. They had about 100+ cars at their cruise night. Maybe in the future both clubs could have an event together. Something to think about.

Shore Cruise---- on June 13, 2015 @ 11:30 am some of our members met at the Circus Drive-In, had lunch and cruised on to the Point Pleasant Auto Museum and the New Jersey Museum of Boating, they are side by side at this location. Again we lucked out with the weather. Beautiful day for cruising! Seeing as our club gave a donation to this museum last year, it was nice to see how it turned out. It was a day of cruising and also informational. Thanks to Mike Berry for putting this event together.All who went enjoyed both museums.

Last but not least for June 2015 events was the G.M. Nationals at Carlisle Pa. June 26, 27 and 28. Well, sad to say only one day Friday June 26 was a good day. The weather was not co-operating for this event. Anyone who went on Friday had a nice day at Carlisle, Saturday and Sunday were rained out. One lucky person was our very own Tom Merring. He received one of the “Carlisle Elite” Awards. National Parts Depot official sponsor of the Carlisle G.M. Nationals, roamed the show field in search for 10 favorite vehicles to become the newest members of the Carlisle Elite. Tom’s 1960 Chevy El Camino was one of the 10 that won him this Elite Status. Hat’s off to Tom!!!! Congratulations. (Be careful now when talking to Tom he is in the Elite Club) A great big thank you to Mike Berry, National Impala Assn, for having a very nice tent and chairs for anyone to stop by and sit and chat awhile. Plus our association with NIA allowed all of us a place to park and show off our Late Great Chevy’s. We all appreciate it Mike.

Speaking of NIA, reminder July 20 -24, 2015, National Impala Assn Convention in Spearfish, South Dakota is rapidly approaching. Please call Mike Berry for any questions. Time is short July is here.

As for our club activities for the month of July, we do not have anything scheduled. Therefore the convention is the place to go. I hope you all had a great 4th of July, and enjoyed the celebration of our great country.

In the body of this newsletter check for our August 22, 2015 Drive in Movie cruise for time etc. This is a private property Drive-In which is about 15 minutes away from Quakertown, Pa. for your overnight stay. John Lucas will answer any and all questions. This is something to look forward to for August. Hope to see you there. Also within this newsletter there should be write ups or pictures of the club picnic, dealership display and the shore cruise.





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