July 2014

President’s Message

Hi everyone. Hope you are making the best of the good weather cruising around in those beautiful Chevy’s. In the month of June there have been some really nice sunny cruising days.

Recap of club events past and present: The Burlington Chevrolet Dealership display on May 31, 2014 was a big success. We had a very good turnout from the members of the club. It was a nice sunny day for a ride to Burlington for the display. Thank you to all who attended and a Big Thank You to Al Bernotas who arranged this event. Food was supplied by the dealership, as always. Dawn and John Dennery had a tent set up for a shaded area to sit under and supplied a colorful Chevrolet banner strung across the club cars. Thank you to the Dennery’s. Good job by all.

Unfortunately the June 14 Drive –In Cruise had to be cancelled due to the lack of participation. I believe the timing of this cruise was not the best. June is a busy month, plus it was father’s day weekend. However we will plan this cruise for another time. It will stay on our “TO DO” list.

If you did not make it to the GM Nationals / NIA Regional meet at Carlisle, you missed a good time under Mike Berry’s National Impala Association tent. Everyone that attended had a great time. Two of our members, Vice President Frank Visco, and John Lucas won awards from G M National. Mike Berry gave out National Impala association awards and participation awards.

This event at Carlisle had something for everyone. Plus seeing all the wonderful Chevy’s in one place was a terrific site. Of course there were other GM cars, but we are partial to Chevy’s. Thank You Mike Berry for bringing this event to our members. Mike mentioned that he may do this every year. It was a good 3 days and all of us who attended did hang out at Mike’s tent which made it even better. Speaking of NIA, don’t forget the convention July 20 to July 25, 2014 in Iowa.

On a somber note: Our condolences go out to Dawn and John Dennery, the passing of Dawn’s father on June 23, 2014. Our sincere sympathy to Dawn, John and Family.

Please check the club calendar for up-coming events. Tom Merring has a trip planned to Don Hahn’s Memorabilia Museum on August 3rd.

Our next monthly meeting is September 14, 2014, 5pm at the Bordentown community center.

Hope to see you all in Iowa at the convention.
Bye for now.


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