July 2013

Presidentís Message

Welcome back, I just wanted to provide you with some updates regarding our recent club activities. The date was June 1st , the place-Burlington Chevrolet. The weather was perfect for cruising and showing our cars. What a nice turn out from the membership, with over a dozen beautiful club cars on display. John Dennery and Jim Thackeray both set up their tents to provide some shade for other club members in attendance. There was plenty of food grilled to perfection by the Chevy Dealerís Staff. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Chicken were the bill of fare-if you walked away hungry it was your own fault. Please see the photo coverage elsewhere in this addition. A HUGE thanks goes out to our Sargent at Arms-Al Bernotas for arranging this fine event. It certainly was a fun and food filled day which was enjoyed by all in attendance.

Shifting gears a little, we are working on revamping the Club Membership Flyer so we can proceed with our intended donation to the Jersey Auto Museum. We are hoping that they will maintain these flyers at their museum in anticipation of bringing in more members. This process should be completed by the next issue. Our next Cub event is one you wonít want to miss, so make your plans now to travel to the Denneryís place on July 13th for their ever popular Hot Rod Hoedown.

This is always a highlight in the Clubís Summer Schedule, so insure that you donít miss this one! And bring your swimsuit!

Thatís all for now, hope you are enjoying the last throws of the Spring weather in your Chevrolet!

Keep Ďem Rolliní Tom

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