2018 Presudent
Mike Berry

January 2018

President’s Message

Hello 2018!

We had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday party at the Bordentown Community Center on December 10th. Lydia Schmidt coordinated the pot luck supper and the annual “Gift Pass” game which was enjoyed by all. The turnout was excellent with 16 members in attendance.

The election results were announced with Mike Berry as president, Tom Merring as Vice -President, Verne Frantz as Treasurer and Al Bernotas as Sergeant at Arms. We did not have any nominations for Secretary so we’ll have to make do.

This year we have 2 recycled officers along with a couple long time incumbents. Tom Merring and I have both served on the Board in past years and now, like a couple bad pennies, we’re back! I would like to thank Frank Visco and Rob Kane for their service for the past 2 years as President and Vice President. I also want to thank Dawn Dennery for serving as Secretary for the past 2 years. Verne Frantz and Al Bernotas continue to serve the membership as Treasurer and Sergeant – at – Arms as they have for quite a few years. Thank you guys.

I have some ideas I for the coming year. The main thing I would like to see is for the club members to get together and do things with our cars. When the weather permits, I want to have events for the membership that will be fun. Lets go to historic places, parks, picnics, car shows and Cruise Nights. New Jersey is a big state so I would like to have events in different areas to allow more members to participate. Is there a show, swap meet or Cruise Night in your part of town that would interest other members? Let me know and I’ll see if we can put it on the calendar. As Toyota Jan says in her commercials “Let’s go places!” (except we’ll be going in our Chevrolets)

The National Impala Association convention is going to be held in Dayton, OH which is 618 miles from my home in Atlantic Highlands. That’s a long one day drive or an easy 2 day cruise. I’ve heard several members say they are planning to go so let’s set up a caravan. Travelling as a group is fun and there’s safety in numbers. Check out the NIA website at: http://www.nationalimpala.com/ formore information as it becomes available. The dates are July 16 – 20, 2018. Give me a call at 732-291-7668 or drop me an email at: berrym@comcast.net if you would like to go. The National Impala Association is the only club that recognizes full size Chevrolets from 1958 on up. I think we all appreciate all Chevrolet models, but it’s really nice to be part of the majority at a convention instead of getting lost in a sea of Tri-Fives, Camaros and Corvettes, etc. Hey, I like all of them but my personal interest is in the big cars.

I’m looking forward to being President for 2018 and hope to see you at some of our events in the coming year.


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