Frank Visco

January 2017

Presidentís Message

Happy New Year Jersey Late Greats and welcome to 2017.
With all the controversy surrounding the Presidential Election last year, we decided it would be a nice gesture to allow our Jersey Late Greats President, Frank Visco, a break this month and let him rest up from all the stress associated with the reelection campaign. So in lieu of the Presidents Message from our Commander and Chief, please enjoy reading some very good advice provided by our Treasurer, Verne Frantz.

Some Winter Storage Tips

Many of you have probably already put the car away for the winter, but if not, here are some tips to prepare it for the long slumber.
Everyone should know that the car should be clean and hopefully have a good coat of wax but using my storage situation as an example, humidity and mice are the greatest concerns. To combat condensation, try laying down a thick sheet of plastic on the floor under the car. As for condensation in the gas tank, it should be full when you put the car away. Make sure and add the appropriate amount of Stabil to the tank before toping it off (so it gets mixed well). Take the car for a drive after leaving the gas station so all the gas in the lines and the carb have that Stabil mix in them. And if you have a 4bbl carb, donít forget to exchange the gas in the secondary fuel circuit as well. Yes, that means open it up and have some fun. Your carb will thank you for it. And in my case, that means I need to exchange the fuel in the #2 carburetor as well. (Oh what fun!).
If your battery is in good shape, you probably donít need to remove it. Just disconnect the negative cable and in the Spring, it should crank over fine. A trickle charger can be used if you think thatís necessary but make sure to use one that will turn off automatically when the battery no longer needs a boost.

If you have any worries about mice, I like to put plastic sandwich bags with rubber bands over the tailpipe openings and the aircleaner snorkels. Dryer sheets placed in the car can help keep them away but I use a product available from Tractor Supply called ďFresh CabĒ. It has a nice herbal scent but mice hate it. It should last at least a month, then needs to be replaced. Donít forget to put something in the trunk and engine compartment as well. I cover the car with a soft cover, then add a thin sheet of plastic over that to protect it from any critter droppings. If the garage gets cold over the Winter, do NOT open the doors if there is suddenly a warm humid day. Water will collect over all the cold metal and you will have a rusty car in the spring.

Happy New Year !

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