February 2014

President’s Message

A big HI to all the snow bunnies out there. We certainly feel like we are living in a deep freeze for the month of January 2014. Just think Winter has just begun. Those single digit temperatures are not easy to live with. Everyone hopefully took time to check the antifreeze in these old Chevys. Good idea to check the antifreeze of the owners of these old Chevy’s too.

January’s meeting was very interesting for those who braved the cold. We had two very nice slide shows, one by Mike Berry and the other one by Frank Visco. Along with a Pizza party. The meeting was a big success and very well attended.

Please do not forget about the upcoming Club Banquet on February 22nd. The banquet is always fun, with lots of good food, talking and visiting with each other for the afternoon. Don’t forget to fill out the form in your newsletter and mail it to Dawn and John Dennery with the banquet fee attached. Dawn & John do a fantastic job of planning this event. Make sure you are there to enjoy. John Dennery asked if any club member have, or know of something funny that has happened over the last year to contact him so he can plan some wonderful jokes for the Banquet. He is always looking for ideas.

Mark your calendar for our Multi Club Picnic on May 10, 2014. It was decided to have the picnic in Middletown Township at the “Core Creek Park” east of RT 413. Keep the date open and plan to attend. More details in the next newsletter. There will be a Pavilion, Boat Rentals, plenty of Parking, Restrooms, and Nature Walkways etc. Thanks to Karen and Jim Thackeray they did the investigation to find this park.

The March 15 Junk Yard Run is still being worked on as too exactly where, details to follow.

A June 2014 Drive –in Cruise is still in the works with the East Penn Late Greats. Tom Merring and John Lucas will report back to the club at the next meeting or two.

Bordentown Chevrolet Dealership show tentatively on May 31, 2014 to be confirmed at the February Club meeting by AL Bernatos. Hours will be 11am to 2 pm.

April 13 Diner lunch/brunch meeting will be at 1pm. Location will be in the March 2014 newsletter.

Never forget to plan for the upcoming NIA Convention in Iowa, July 21 to July 25, 2014. It is approximately a 1400 mile journey. Get those Chevys in shape now to go the miles.

A few words on a subject that I brought up at the January meeting in reference to expanding the club to include years’ up to 1976. I have had a few members send me their feedback on this idea which I welcome. I just like to explain why I brought up this subject. It was not to gain more money for the club, but to gain more members, hopefully younger, to participate more in club events, meetings etc. I understand now that the last time this was done it did not really bring in more participating members. I also realize now the club “Late Great Chevy’s” is dedicated to the years 58 to 72. These years are special Chevy years and the club does not want to lose that distinction or specialization. Being a new member I did not know this was already discussed in great lengths.

Hope you will all plan to attend our meeting on February 9, 2014 at 5pm.

Bye for now, don’t let the snow get you down

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