February 2013

President’s Message

All I can say is “BRRRRRR”, Winter has certainly set in Big-time. Hope you all are warm and snuggly sitting by the fireplace enjoying a cup of hot cocoa, the temperature certainly calls for it! Just wanted to share with you all the great meeting we had in January which featured Roy Abbate from Batteries Plus, a store specializing in batteries, light bulbs and battery powered equipment. Roy presented a very informative Power Point and answered many questions about automobile batteries. He was also kind enough to bring a battery tender as a door prize-which was won by Ted Gerlach, congratulations!

Mike Berry has been hard at work organizing the next NIA convention which will be held in Spearfish, SD the third week of July this year. Additionally, he has been in contact with Pee Wee at the junkyard and set up our tentative March 16, 2012 yard trip. Thanks to Mike for staying on top of this. Shifting gears, our annual Banquet is rapidly approaching; please send your money and reservations into Dawn Dennery ASAP. We need to have your input so that we may properly plan this most excellent event. Why not come out and join in on the fun? The date is February 16; this event always proves to be a wonderful experience. It features good food, great entertainment, and club member fellowship. So don’t wait-send in your reservations now, see you there.

Our March meeting will feature a captivating presentation from the Jersey Antique Auto Museum; you won’t want to miss this one! Please see Verne’s description of this activity elsewhere in this edition of our Newsletter. And please, as Verne cites in his article-Bring your automobile memorabilia as it will serve to show our presenters how serious we take our hobby.

Our new Vice President has submitted a great suggestion at his first meeting as a Board member. Frank Visco offered something that fellow members considered a GREAT idea. He said, in an effort to increase meeting participation, why don’t the regular attending meeting members contact other members in their area and bring them along to the next meeting? Great idea Frank-thanks for suggesting it. The deeper you are involved, the more you will get out of the Club. That’s about it for now; hope to see you at the next meeting.

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