December 2015

President’s Message


You have heard that before and will be hearing it more as we approach the HOLIDAY SEASON. Starting with Thanksgiving, ending with NEW YEARS EVE. Where ever or whatever you are celebrating, I am wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season. Much family happiness, joyful times, healthful and safety to all for the New Year. Pray for peace in the world. We live in the greatest country, “USA” and have a lot to be thankful for. So enjoy every minute of these wonderful Holidays. But don’t forget to put Cookies and Milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve; you never know when he will be coming to your house. HO! HO! HO!

First and foremost is our Holiday Club Meeting on December 13, 2015, 5PM, Bordentown Community Center. Come and join our celebration with a wonderful selection of food. If you plan to attend, please call me @ 908 507 4806 to tell me what favorite dish you will be bringing to the party. I am the chair for this Holiday meeting and I want to make sure no one leaves hungry. We all get to socialize and tell stories and look at our club picture albums that Mike Berry always brings. Aside from having a fun meeting at this time of the year, the serious part is the election of officers to take your club into the 2016 year. The club needs you to come out and vote. Hope to see many of you at this important meeting.
Our club calendar of meetings dates for 2016 will have a few changes which will continue to be posted in our monthly newsletter, keep a watchful eye on this. Two big changes will be February and May, 2016. Of course February is our Banquet date and May is the club picnic. Neither one has been decided as of this writing.

Reminder-NIA 36th Convention is July 18-22, 2016. Information was in the November 2015 newsletter. As always you can contact Mike Berry for more information if needed. Last but not least, as your outgoing President, I just want to say Thank You for your confidence in me for the last 2 years. I appreciate all the help I have had from all members as no one can do this job alone. As this is my last presidents’ message, I wanted you all to know that at the December 13, 2015 meeting I will be making a suggested change in the club ByLaws for the good of the club. Due to the fact attendance of monthly meetings has dropped off in 2015; I am proposing that our monthly meetings not be one a month. Maybe one or two a year. Members are very busy; life is very busy so we as a club should accommodate this trend. If a change is needed back to a meeting every month sometime in the future, then so be it. At this point in time, as your president for the last 2 years, this is my recommendation. Your monthly newsletter would still be done, listing the yearly calendar of events which could be completed in the beginning of the year or at the February banquet meeting. Please bring your thoughts, suggestions and ideas to our December 13, 2015 Holiday meeting for discussion.

Bye For Now – Remember Safety first for this Holiday Season


“Look for that Chevrolet
Sleigh in the Sky on
December 24, 2015”

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