December 2013

President's Message

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our members and their Families! Wishing you all the very best that this Holiday Season has to offer. What better way to kick off this wonderful season than to join us for our annual cover dish get together on December the 8th at the Bordentown Community center. It's a great time to come out and socialize with your fellow members and recount the events of the past year. There is always good food and great stories to share, one of my personal favorite meetings!
On another note, we have worked diligently at the past two meetings on the 2014 Club Calendar of Events. Please see the draft elsewhere in this publication. . It's shaping up to be another fun filled year with lots of promising events, make you plans now to come out and join in on all the fun. Some folks even have made tentative plans to cruise out to the National Impala Convention to be held in western Iowa. What some people will do for some fresh ears of corn!!! But seriously, with the variety of events that have been planned, you should find some that will tickle your fancy and spark your interest to come out and join us.
We are seeking volunteers for Club Tech Sessions during the winter months, so if you have an idea for one please contact me directly. We can support you with a projector and most peripherals you may need to present one. Something related to our hobby is the only prerequisite.
This next meeting will feature the installation of the new Board members, so insure you are there to cast your vote! That's about all for now. Just a reminder that Leigh and Maureen Humphreys will be bringing 1961-64 door lock pull knobs in different colors to December's meeting for our members-don't miss it!

Remember-Santa's Sleigh is a Chevrolet!
Keep 'em Rollin' Tom

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