April 2013

President’s Message

WELCOME SPRING - or at least I think so …

The weather has certainly been unpredictable. Personally I wasn’t certain if Spring was approaching or we were moving back into Winter! As we push forward into the nicer weather, what better way to celebrate than bringing out your Chevy to our April Brunch meeting? It will be held at the Denny’s Restaurant on RT 130 South in Bordentown meeting up at 11 Am on Sunday, April 14, 2013. The plan is to enjoy a cruise, a sit down meal together, and then drive back to the Bordentown Center for a brief meeting. Make your plans now to attend.

Now, reflecting back on past events, March has been a busy month for the club. At our Meeting, the New Jersey Auto Museum folks treated us to an interesting presentation called The Fins of the Fifties. There were comparisons of the early cars to airplanes regarding styling techniques; some slides of the concept cars were really awesome. It was a colorful, captivating and very informative program. Those in attendance had a most enjoyable experience. I would like to thank Verne Frantz for arranging this with the Museum folks. The following weekend, Mike Berry led the courageous junkyard clan out to a parts picking session at Engler’s Yard. Through the snowstorm our members still gravitated to the gold in them thar hills, bring home some treasured trinkets. I would like to thank Mike for planning and supporting this outing, as a good time was had by all, I mean, what’s better than sauntering around a Junk Yard?

Looking forward to May’s picnic meeting on the 11th, the membership is encouraged to contact Gerry Thackeray and advise her of what cover dish you will be bringing. The club will be providing Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, and there will be some beverages available but please bring your favorite along with you. Once again, please be advised that there are no alcoholic beverages allowed in the Park. Our next meeting is scheduled for April 14, where we will be discussing our picnic plans and the possibility of a donation to the Jersey Auto Museum. Hope to see you there with your Chevy!

Keep ‘em Rollin’ Tom

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