Directions To "Wildflowers Too"

Route 156 & Woodside Avenue Yardville, NJ. Phone 609-585-5483

From East: Route 195 West. Exit 5A to route 130 south. About 1 miles south on your right will be Mule Auto Body slow down, slow down, and exit right Yardville - Allentown route 156 South. On your left will be Giovi's lighthouse beacon. Continue south on 156 for about mile on your left will be Wildflowers Too.

From South: NJ Turnpike to exit 7 to route 206 north. Stay right at 206 / 130 merge. Stay in right lane; watch your speed limit. Continue 130 north at mile post 58 you will start going downhill, stay in right lane, look for Yardville- Groveville exit junction 156, turn right under bridge, stay right to Yardville. At the stop sign is route 156. Turn right continue through the light. About mile on your right is Wildflowers Too.
From South: Route 295-north exit 57, this is 130 north, stay right 130 / 206 merge be careful, under bridge is a bad merge, stay in lane eventually moving into right lane, be careful, you have plenty of time. Follow directions given in other "From South"

From West or Northwest: Route 295 south to exit 60a to route 195 east. Go 5 mile to exit 5a route 130 south, follow directions for south bound 130 "From East"

From North: NJ Turnpike 7A to route 195 west follow directions "From East"

From North or South " The Old Way" using 130 north or 130 south follow above directions which pertain to 130 north or 130 south.